About Us

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the AFK Kumar Family Office (AFK Kumar) operates as a privately owned single family office mandated with the preservation, management and growth of the AFK Kumar family’s wealth and assets. WM Holding serves as its direct investment and wealth management vehicle.

AFK Kumar through WM Holding makes strategic investments across a wide range of markets, focused on equity, growth capital for compelling early stage startups, greenfield projects and on leveraged buyouts.

With its international outlook towards investment, AFK Kumar and WM Holding actively pursues and engages in a broad variety of investment opportunities in Europe, the United States, Middle East, India, South East Asia, as well as in emerging markets.

AFK Enterprise AG

Zug - Switzerland

AFK Kumar Holding GmbH

Frankfurt am Main - Germany

AFK Kumar Real Estate GmbH

Frankfurt am Main - Germany

Afk Multi Fund Plc

Nikosia - Cyprus